Internet of Things

While IoT is definitely a buzzword, I believe it has real meaning, particularly when addressing the issues of situational awareness faced by industry, whether on the shop floor or at widely distributed assets in difficult environmental conditions. Here are some articles I have written on the topic.

IoT in the Hospital: How can hospitals smooth the introduction of IoT to healthcare?

IoT and PLM: Creating a Smart Connected Product from the Beginning

Blockchain:  How the blockchain might help power the IoT

Personal Medtech: IoT Making Smarter and Easier Asthma Treatment Possible

Smart Cities (and regions): Smart Ways for Local and City Governments to Think About IoT

Edge Computing: Meeting Things Where They Live

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Modernizes with IoT

Manufacturing: Follow the (Digital) Clue: Manufacturing End-to-End

Drones: Drones: IoT's Killer App for Commerce?

Oil & Gas Assets: How the Oil Industry Uses IoT to Sweat Assets (PDF)

Medical Devices: IoT Inspires Move to Therapeutic Systems that Support Integrated Care (PDF)

Field Service: Field Service, IoT and the Coming of Outcomes-Based Service (PDF)

Sensors: How the IoT Perceives the World

Oil and Gas Pipelines: How the IoT Helps Keep Oil and Gas Pipelines Safe

Warehouses: IoT in the Supply Chain Boosts Operations

Railways: Internet of Trains to Improve Uptime and Safety

Power Grid: Path to a Smarter Grid Comes With Challenges (PDF)

Mining: The Internet of Underground Things (PDF)