Blog posts are free content for attracting potential customers. I write blog posts about technical topics aimed at a business audience, thus enabling my clients to position themselves as experts in their area. I work with SEO software to craft search-optimized content.


Internet of Things

Industrial connectivity: easily connect to existing end nodes, regardless of protocols

How to Compete in a Changing IoT Environment

How to Use IoT Security Best Practices at Every Level

Some Pointed Lessons in IoT Security

The Rise of Sensor Data

How the IoT Helps Business with Regulatory Compliance

From Industry 4.0 to the Tour de France: IoT in Europe

Is China the Place to Watch?

Visible and Invisible Systems

The Open Connectivity Foundation and Why It Matters


International Business

Analysts propose specific topics and provide basic information, I write posts to show off the ways this company supports those who compete in international markets. They come out under the analyst's name.

Opportunity Zones Aren’t Just for U.S. Investors

Expats Beware: Your Passport Could Be Denied If You Owe Back Taxes

Is the US Ready to Rejoin the TPP?

Why Multinationals Need to Beware No-Poach Agreements

What China’s Green Ambitions Mean for Multinationals

UK White Paper Details Post-Brexit Customs Planning


Educational software

Higher Education Accreditation: First Things to Know

Selecting a Learning Management System (LMS) – What You Need to Know


Data Security

Should You Hire A Cloud Storage Security Vendor?

Edge Computing Vs Fog Computing

What are Massachusetts' Data Breach Notification Requirements?

We Need to Increase Focus on Endpoint Security

Pennsylvania's Data Breach Reporting Law & Requirements Overview

What Are New York's Data Breach Notification Requirements?

Balancing Security and Ease of Use with Two-Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity Cost: How Should It Fit Into Your Budget?

The Current State of WAN Security

Hackers And Hoodies: A Timeless Duo

SIEM Evolution: From Compliance to Security

Are MSSPs a Good Security Solution for Small Businesses?

VoIP and the Wild World of Toll Fraud

What is Philadelphia Ransomware?

Was That Always There? A Hardware Keylogger Threat

Should You Hire A Cloud Storage Security Vendor?

Fintech Industry Can No Longer Think Like Silicon Valley

The Rise Of Regtech: Bringing Technology To Managing financial Regulation

Could Blockchain Ensure Financial Data Security?

For Your Eyes Only: The Best Email Encryption and Privacy Tactics

EHR Adoption Still an Issue in Healthcare

New York’s New Cyber Security Regulation in Effect


Search-Optimized Content

Sometimes you need to focus specifically on traffic. I work with search engine optimization software to write in-depth topical content that appeals to Google Hummingbird.

What is Virtual Infrastructure Management?

What is Network Discovery Software?

Guide to Web Browser Automation

WUG's Free Visual Traceroute Tool


Covering and Promoting Events

A lot of information gets presented at industry events, revealing trends, competitive positions, and new approaches. I can attend sessions, boil them down, combine that information with research, and provide an informative summary. These make interesting, newsworthy blog posts.

LiveWorx 2017: How HPE is Putting IoT on the Shop Floor

LiveWorx 2017: Creating a Smart Connected Product from the Beginning

IDC Directions: A Market Maturing: The Reality of IoT

IDC Directions: What Does the IoT Buyer Want from Professional Services?

LiveWorx 2016: How to Avoid Drowning in a Flood of IoT Data

LiveWorx 2016: Solar Turbines Integrates Process Planning and Production Execution

LiveWorx 2016: Catching the Wind: Vestas Integrates Turbine Manufacturing, From Design to Service

LiveWorx 2016: HIROTEC America Implements IoT with the Six-Week Sprint


Promoting Content Assets

Companies often have white papers, webinars, e-books, infographics, and other content assets that they want to promote for maximum visibility. These posts should focus on a specific benefit the reader will get from downloading the asset or some interesting revelation, not be a dull summary of the contents.

How do you know what you need from an IoT platform? Use a platform reference model

How to set a path for connected product development and delivery

Preparing to Monetize IoT Data: an Overview

Where to Win with IoT: Use Cases, Verticals, and Opportunities

Augmenting Reality with an IoT Platform

Seeking an IoT Platform? Know What to Look For

Scaling Data Science: How to Deal with Growing Volume, Complexity, and Speed

Finding the Support You Need to Monetize the IoT

How Verticals Should Approach IoT Platforms

The Edge and The Cloud for Industrial Applications

How Smart-City-Ready is Your City?

The Opportunity for OEMs in the Industrial IoT

An Introduction to IoT Platforms

Find Your Company’s Role in the Smart, Connected World

Turn IoT Data into an Easily Usable Tool

Smart Parking, the Key to Planning for Smart Cities?

Find Your Company’s Role in the Smart, Connected World