Interesting written content is the key to attracting potential customers at every phase of their relationship with you.  Below is a selection of recent work, mostly pieces I proposed for various parts of the sales funnel.

White Paper: Surviving an Audit with Accounts Payable Software

Many smaller and medium-sized businesses could use Accounts Payable software to track invoices and payments, but are still unsure whether it is a wise investment. This paper provides a guide to how to prepare for an external audit, showing each step where AP software could help.

The key is to provide useful information in an objective way, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. There are a lot of ways to go wrong when managing a busy AP department, and the paper provides useful advice.

White paper: Strategic Planning in China

I proposed this white paper as a way of validating the company's expertise in both pharmaceutical and medical device markets in China. The analyst provided me with notes. I did a large amount of secondary research and created an interesting document with many informational snippets.

After giving some helpful comments, the head of the China office said "boy, you know a lot about China!" My blushes, Watson: I don't (or at least didn't when I started), but I can do the research, listen to experts, and then make a persuasive case.

Interesting download: Top 10 Medical Device Takeover Target

To attract prospects into your sales funnel, you need to provide useful snippets to the reader who is seeking to understand a market or problem: what I call "sound smart in meetings" content. If they sound (and feel) smart, they will grow to rely on you.

This was the one of a series of pieces. Analysts provided the raw material to my specifications and I wrote and organized the final documents.

Interesting Download: Diagnostic Imaging Market Movers and Drivers

Dashboard-like overviews of markets are always popular, and these pieces were too.

I pulled the information from across company reports and completely rewrote it to make it shorter.

Case Study: Geographic Modeling

Case studies can serve as validation of your expertise--if they are short and focused enough to be read. This requires extraordinary distillation, and nerves of steel. Most are much too long.

I created a series of these for a new product line.

Product Walkthrough: Green Capital Needs Assessment

This green capital needs assessment was a hard sell—it was new to the market. A walkthrough, detailing its benefits at every step, really sold the product.

I proposed and created this—but only after I had completely restructured the product itself to be clearer and easier to use. Page 3 of the piece shows my informational layout for the actual product.

Case Study: a Documentation Service Client

Can improving documentation really help operations? This shows, in one page, how a transit system reduced downtime by making specific changes to operator documentation.

It's easy to say "better documentation is...well, better", and hard to show exactly how.